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Officially, San Francisco’s local elections are a nonpartisan affair. In reality, San Francisco is a one party town, and hasn’t voted for a Republican President since Eisenhower, and the last Republican Mayor of San Francisco was George Christopher, who served until 1964. San Francisco has long been a stronghold of Democratic politics, with a lineage of electing leaders who go on to higher office, from Dianne Feinstein to Gavin Newsom to Kamala Harris.

However, that doesn’t mean the Democrats of San Francisco are in lockstep with each other. Take a look at the contentious Supervisor or California Senate District races…

In a major city like San Francisco, it’s easy to assume that the Mayor runs the show. But San Francisco’s eleven District Supervisors — the City’s legislative body — wield extensive power inside and outside of their immediate jurisdictions.

Supervisors oversee their respective districts, responding to constituent concerns and ensuring their needs are represented at the city level. But collectively, the Board of Supervisors make up a legislative body that shapes policy on everything from housing and transit to the City’s budget. …

Grow SF

San Francisco needs help. Grow SF is a community of people working in tech who want to lend a hand — through education and voting.

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