• Benjamin Goering

    Benjamin Goering

    Freelance Software PM/Eng. Open. Stoic Situationist Hacktivist. ♥ reading, philosophy, open web, (un)logic, AI, sports, and edm. Kansan gone Cali.

  • Sean Oliver

    Sean Oliver

    Director of Marketing at Crew

  • Mike Cohen

    Mike Cohen

    iOS developer, theater geek, history nerd. Former Bionic Panda. I love San Francisco.

  • Sam Deutsch

    Sam Deutsch

    Renter in SF, Housing/Transit Advocate

  • Jennifer Stansbury

    Jennifer Stansbury

  • Truc Nguyen

    Truc Nguyen

    Product Designer, organizer, cat herder. Fitness enthusiast, college radio fan, and gourmand. Affiliations: @AppDynamics

  • Gershon Bialer

    Gershon Bialer

    Gershon lives in San Francisco where he is a bit obsessed with algorithms, and aspires to make computers be cool. He also plays chess.

  • Jessica J. Ho

    Jessica J. Ho

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